3 loop routes, starting and ending in Potenza, a suitable logistical centre in terms of hospitality and railway service: it is connected to Naples, Foggia and Taranto. Known as the 'vertical city' or the 'city of a hundred stairs', Potenza is the gateway to the Apennines, which means that the trail starts uphill!

The tracks evolve continuously : we are working to provide the best experience possible.





It's the first unsupported adventure in the region. The trail explores the entire region, with a great variety of roads, cultures and technical difficulties, through rural landscapes, authentic villages, ancient sheep-tracks, transhumance routes, national parks, high-altitude forests and gullies, in a sequence of ever-changing scenarios... in only one word, this is Basilicata, a land with multiple charming faces.

The Basilicata Bike Trail is a full immersion in its essence, an intimate experience by bike. The participants will be free to interpret the trail according to their own tastes and needs: it can be lived as a total outdoor experience with a tent and a sleeping bag, or a more comfortable trip, by stopping in the generous and hospitable accommodation facilities, which are not always widespread distributed.

The trail passes through villages and several hamlets. Many other villages are only skimmed by the trail. It can be useful to make short deviations to stop and restore: a couple of trail segments go through natural areas without encountering villages for about 80-90 kilometres.

The tracks are designed to allow a better organization of logistics: all the loop routes (long, medium, short), starting and ending in Potenza (819 m a. s. l.), the highest capital city in Italy with a train station.

Once they receive the gpx track, participants will be autonomous and will organise themselves in full freedom, with no time limits (see regulations). There will be no winners, but only finishers.